Is a boutique, pet friendly, 12 apartment development providing a quality investment in a high growth area.

1 week ago

Marooch J'Adore

Our top floor slab was poured last Friday, and it looks like the roof will go on very shortly. The builder is powering along.

The Jason Mills Property Team
Well and truly smashing goals! Marooch J' Adore is 60% sold with strong interest on the remaining lots. Give Jason and Alex a call to secure your piece of Marooch J' Adore today!

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3 months ago

Marooch J'Adore

With our build underway and only 4 apartments left for sale, now is the ideal time to consider Marooch J'Adore on the vibrant Sunshine Coast. ...

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5 months ago

Marooch J'Adore

Now that our build has started, it will only be a 5 minute walk to enjoy the $400 million redevelopment of the Sunshine Plaza, which also shows plans for a high rope course. Have a look at the Plaza flythrough here:

Sunshine Plaza
Take a sneak peek at Sunshine Plaza’s exciting new look! We are super-excited to share the fly through for our $400 million redevelopment, which also reveals plans for a high ropes course along Cornmeal Creek. To read more and watch the high ropes flythrough click here:

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7 months ago

Marooch J'Adore

The Sunshine Coast is the place to be, and Marooch J'Adore is at its heart.

WIN News Sunshine Coast
TOURISM BOOM: The Sunshine Coast has broken another tourism record, this time for attracting the highest ever increase in international visitors, in a single year.

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11 months ago

Marooch J'Adore

Marooch JÁdore location and overview, soon to be broadcast on Sky News Real Estate. Further sales information can be found at: Renee TenDyke 0438 395 599 Peter Newman 0459 095 229 Marooch J’Adore is a unique, boutique, residential development with just 12 units nestled at t...

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11 months ago

Marooch J'Adore

Some of the amazing things happening around Marooch J'Adore

Maroochydore - The Bright City
If you wanted to create or grow a business anywhere in Queensland over the next 10 years, where should you do it? Acclaimed futurist and demographer Bernard Salt says you should look to the new Maroochydore CBD on the Sunshine Coast.

Missed out on seeing Bernard Salt present his vision for the future of the Sunshine Coast, check out our video below.

Want to know more? Download the full report here:

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11 months ago

Marooch J'Adore

Some Things to Consider When Looking for a New Apartment.

The height of the building in stories

a. If the building is four stories or less in height then some
benefits identified on the Sunshine Coast are:
• A lower general council rate (approximately 65% of the high
rise general rate) saving over $600 per year.
• QBCC Home Warranty Insurance for 6 years 6 months
b. Smaller buildings have less expensive Body Corporate fees,
but then, larger buildings can also be reasonable. The most
expensive Body Corporate fees are found in mid-sized

A smaller building is cheaper to run because it simply doesn’t require as much work. There’s less to clean, less power, less repairs and maintenance (on average, smaller buildings are highly individual) because there’s just less of the building.
Mid-sized buildings (less than 150 apartments) are usually the most expensive in terms of levies. They have higher running costs associated with large buildings but not the economies of scale that reduce costs per apartment owner in larger buildings.

2. Body Corporate
The main driver of body corporate expenses are the inclusive facilities.

If the body corporate boasts a swimming pool, extensive gardens or a gym then correspondingly the cost of the levies will increase. After all someone must maintain the swimming pool, the gardens and the gym, all body corporate costs, all funded from levies.

Double check the body corporate estimate, making sure there is allowances for lift maintenance, fire hydrant pump inspections, general cleaning and maintenance. Ensure the sinking fund and insurance estimates are reasonable.

3. Type of Lift
There are types of passenger lifts that can be used with differences in the loads that they can carry, speed of operation and maintenance costs.
• Hydraulic
Load 5 people 400 Kg
40 starts per hour
0.3 metres per second
Potential environment hazard from leaking oil.
Higher maintenance costs
• Electric traction
Larger load 8 People, 630 Kg
1.0 metres per second
180 starts per hours
Lower maintenance costs

4. Car parking space size & Storage facilities.
Are the proposed car parking spaces wide enough to fit over bonnet storage facilities? Most car storage facilities are designed to fit the standard car park width of 2500mm width. Some new apartment developments are using the minimum allowed 2400mm wide car parks (which also makes parking a little more difficult).

With 2500mm width, the extra 100mm you have between cars on both sides makes opening doors and getting in or out of your car a lot easier (as well as allowing overhead storage facilities to be incorporated).

5. Noise

Noise is a major issue in apartments.

Things to check for are:

• Flooring - noise reduction vinyl floorboard planks or carpet
in living areas and bedrooms rather than noisy tiles.
• Drop ceilings with sound blocking plasterboard rather than
painted concrete. This also allows for downlights in
• Location of external air conditioner compressors. If they
are on balconies they can impact on neighbours when in
use, not only next door but above and below. Ideally, they
should be positioned at the base of the building at car
parking level.

6. Bathrooms

Some things which make a bathroom better are:

• Floor to ceiling tiles around showers
• Ceramic back to wall toilets
• Ceramic Basins
• Minimum 10-year warranty on fixtures
• Vanity / shaving cabinets rather than mirrors, storage
space is always needed.

7. Energy saving features.

Some apartments are built to meet only the minimum required 5 star standard (houses must be 6 star). The biggest power using appliances in any apartment are the cooktop, hot water system and air conditioning.


• Solar panels to all apartments.
• On demand, instant hot water rather than water storage
units– only heat water when needed (preferably gas).
• Gas cooktops

8. Wide front doors

A 920mm wide front door allows for easier moving of furniture in and out, and when combined with a lift means the apartment meets disability access requirements. Normally the standard front door is only 820mm wide, making moving of furniture a little harder.

9. Cross flow ventilation.

Due to Queensland Fire Regulations, doors and windows facing on to common areas must not remain open. This results in a lot of “middle” apartments not being able to obtain cross flow ventilation. A benefit of corner units is two sides facing outside allows breezes to flow through the apartment from one side to the other.

10. Balcony shape

A lot of apartments use “L” shaped balconies to obtain size, but is the area all that usable. A square or rectangle balcony is a more practical option.

11. Apartment areas

Always rely only on the draft survey plan or a plan of the outline of the lots prepared by a Cadastral Surveyor when looking at apartment sizes / areas.

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